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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 21, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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wages. the city attorney says workers were required to work more than 60 hours per week for about $4 an hour. investigators say workers not being paid full wages should not be afraid to report this. >> it's a benefit to we hope, all low-wage workers out there and hope it provides encouragement that you can get what is owd to you. >> this is the largest wage theft settlement ever in, san francisco. >> more than 100 students just wrapped up a noisy march and rally in city death, demanding the board reverse cuts to classes and teachers and get a loan to avoid more cuts. city college is rushing to meet a march 15th deadline to keep accreditation and must show kit control, rather take
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control of the budget. city college spokesperson says the school cannot afford to take on more loan autos san francisco city attorney herera is front and center in the potentially landmark case of same-sex marriage rights. >> herera arguing proposition 8 is unconstitution skbral should be overturned. the state ballot measure passed in 2008 banning marriage for same-sex couples, advocates hope the case will pave the way for full equality across the country. the supreme court scheduled to heart case march 26th. >> couples that are committed i think should have the same rights everyone has. >> she wants that clip removed from an ad by a gay marriage add vos voe cassy group. it features other prominent political figures making public comments. the group says it will remove the comments from the ad campaign.
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>> the same cold front that brought stormy weather to the bay area is making people miserable in the mid west. >> the governor of missouri hundreds of flights have been cancel add cross the mid west. the storm making conditions treacherous for drivers. two deadly accidents are linked to the storm. a 19-year-old woman killed in nebraska when an suv skidded into her car. >> we don't have anything that dangerous here. >> yes. let's dmek now with spencer christian. >> weather is calm and pleasant. take a look at live doppler 7. mild conditions, clear skies just thin clouds around. here is a live view from our camera. looking at western sky, 56 degrees in san frachblt 60s in oakland. a differ perspective from east bay hills, you can see bright
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sky, again, just thin bloken clouds, 62 degrees now in jant rosa. 60s in napa. and let's go on to our forecast features, we'll see clear skies this evening. will be on the cool side. temperatures evening hours ranging from 44 to 52. tomorrow morning cold in spots. inland there may be frost. by afternoon, sunny, mild again, highs from mid to upper 50s on the coast, mid-60s inland. we've got a great day coming up and great days to follow. larry? carolyn? >> thank you. >> just hours after her accused killer appeared in a courtroom, teenager janelle conway allen was laid to rest today in a quiet service on a grassy hillside. >> about 100 people attended this service here at the cemetery, mourners urged to remember the smiling happy teenager and all she meant to
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her family and friends. there was very little mentioned of how she died. >> full of so much energy. you though? just wanted everybody to be happy. >> the sister of the 13-year-old genelle conway allen tells us she will be her family and friends. >> she'll be like calm down, it's all good. matter what. i'm going to always be here. >> in a solemn service genelle was laid to rest in a white casket. the service comes three weeks after the girl's body was found in the fairfield park. >> i've never had to experience this. >> greg is the principal of green valley middle school where she was a bright, cheerful 7th grader. >> genelle was a wonderful, hy t will be greatly, greatly missed. >> those who knew her talked
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about her smile. >> she's a sweet young lady. you'd never know she had a sad bone in her body. when i knew her, she always smiled and laughed. >> genelle was living with her younger brother in a foster home when she died.4d&'.rñ she . she made everybody happy. she would sing. >> friends and classmates of genelle. >> it was a young ob÷, just another proof these kids can't go nowhere and feel protected and do anything we used to do in our day without having to look over the shoulder. >> and about two dozen were her friends and counselors will be available to them as long as they need them. >> thank you. >> earlier today accused
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killer anthony lamar jones entered a plea of not guilty. the 32-year-old lived the park where her body was found and arrested a week after the murder. >> and from alameda received a certificate of appreciation today. last month, grappo intervened when a man attacked kneelly. he was honored for the selfless action autos oakland a's could be closer to moving from san jose. stop me if you've heard this before. >> yes. move. >> lou wolf has been pushing for a move out of oakland. >> yes zmlb released guideline that's could alout team to return to the south bay. >> more on this. nick? >> like larry said this is a
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story we've heard before. you know if oakland mayor has her way, where i'm standing now could be the home of the =÷ because the a's ask team owner in the spotlight after a guideline on hout team could move to san jose was made public. to be clear there is no guarantee the a's will ever move and build a stadium in san jose. the owner made it clear he wants to move but a new report suggesting major league baseball presented the a's with a pathway to san jose has supporters cheering. >> this is the first indication that there are considering allowing the a's to move from oakland to san jose. >> this shows location of a propose nud stadium. not far from the hp pavilion.
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it would be sure to attract fans but the giants claim claim rights for all of santa clara county. if a's are able to satisfy guidelines the trip would be a long one. first, the a's would need to get approval from 75% of the league to override claims to the territory. and... a's would have to pay the giants for phone shall loss in revenue. a figure that could reach multi millions just two of the many legal hurdles that the a's would need to clear. >> there is nothing official from major league baseball or anyone out of sans jose or giants or a's, or anything. >> we reached out to a's and san francisco giants. another wanted to comment for this story. >> still ahead tsa apologizes today to family of a
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4-year-old child with disabilities. >> plus a new jersey family hit by super storm sandy, they're moving but not the way you think. >> and the current flu shot apparently not working for one certain group of people. >> let's check afternoon commute, oh, goodness. this is a look at the skyway. going into the lower deck. not much better for folks trying to get southbound on the righthand side of the screen
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tsa is apologizing to a 4-year-old girl with spina bifida, you can see her crying uncontrollably as agents wanted to pat her down. agents said it was necessary because the girl is confined to a wheelchair, her parents objected. >> we're trying to be combattive but going to set clear boundaries what was and was not appropriate as far as touching our child. >> lucy's mom recorded the insy sent. the agent told her recording was against the law. that is not true. tsa is now acknowledging that and n.a statement saying tsa regrets inaccurate guidance was provided to the family during screening and offers apology. >> united airlines plans to
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keep a fleet of boeing 787s off the schedule and says planes could be back in the air sooner than june saying the 787s have been grounded weerld wide because of problem was the batteries, japan announced a battery in a 7 76 -- 787 had been improperly wired. boeing says it will propose a design tomorrow before the faa. >> business news, apple's newest innovation may be a high tech accessory. ememily? >> struggling computer maker hewlett-packard and for a title of reported a 16% drop in profits due to pc. the it had projected profits
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suggesting making the company turn around. >> apple smart watch is getting louder with? that application apple zibed a device with a flexable screen. the device would have i tunes control. last week reporting apple has about 100 devices on a watch-like device. >> neilson going to start taking streaming viewers into account expected to have technology in place by the fall to measure people watching shows on hulu, net flix and more. bill board says it's taking videos into account when measuring phone charts. stocks falling today. bloomberg silicon valley index lower rumors heating up the
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cast of star wars is going to reunite for the next movie. mark hamil confirmed he, harrison ford and carrie fisher talked with george lucas about reprizing their roles. in san francisco, i'm emily chang, larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. >> a new jersey family victimized by super storm sandy is taking flood prevention to new heights. they are having their house razed 12 feet. theb damage. they don't want that to happen again, they're selling out 50 grand for piece of mind elevating their home. they hope tok back in their home by april. it's cool there. >> that is 12 feet. >> if you live by the ocean this makes good sense. >> keeping the cast of jersey shore out of your house.
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>> anything to avoid snooki. >> let's move on to our weather now. >> some beautiful weather today, once again. sunshine, mild conditions it means there is not a cloud in the sky. for the next several days as least, and taking a look at forecast features you can see sunny, mild into the afternoon tomorrow, it's been the pattern as well, drops may fall into early morning hours but i'm talking around 4:00 a.m. so you can see high pressure falling well north. let's put our maps into motion.
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overnight it will pass through the bay area, there could be a sprinkle or two but we do not expect rainfall from it. there are just a few clouds hinld the front. overnight like last night, perhaps not so chilly in spo.s will be cold interior valleys of the north bay. lows dropping to 34 in santa rosa. we'll see low 40s around the bay shore line. a little bit less chilly than7!% last night. highs in the south bay low to mid-60s. 64 in santa clara. low 60s in redwood city. 60s on the coast. 56 in half moon bay. downtown will elevate to 61 degrees, north bay, lots of mid-60s. inland east bay, highs into low to mid-60s up to 62 in
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palwall nut creek. here is the accu-weather forecast. nice dry pattern and a mild one as well. clouds on saturday, breezy, sun year, mild. high temperatures into upper 60s. so this mild weather will be with us for a while w clouds here and there, we do not expect any rainfall. >> okay. >> news for us too,. >> yes. >> that is right. i forgot to tell you about this.oç rain or sunshine you can get video forecasts power outage information. tweetsr":!z from your favorite weather team and latest on larry's new tie selection. >> i like that. >> i didn't know doppler was going to track that as well. >> we do it all. >> i'm neck neck with doppler 7 hd followers i'm not going down. not going lose to a machine. >> i don't know. >> that is the way it is.
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>> all right. >> moving on. from a war born country he who he wants to meet on the red carpet. >> a
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a boy in afghanistan living in poverty. >> he and his family will be sunday. dñ afghanistan. but the real story takes place when cameras turn off. here in kabul, the 14-year-old just to make a living he spends half of his life hustling the streets. the only way to support his family after his father passed away. then two years ago a random encounter with a american film maker changed his life. french gave him a lead role, playing son of a black smith who dreams of playing afghanistan's national sport.
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>> what went through your heart when you saw yourself in the movie? >> i cannot say my feelings. so happy. >> they were so poor, his family couldn't afford a television. when asked him which actor woz you like to meet? >> i want to see rambo. >> like most american teenagers... >> also, angelina jolie. >> it's nothing short of extraordinary. >> they found out he couldn't afford air fare, they stepped in to help. >> positive things are happening here, it's important for the american people to see that. >> at the airport, free tickets and v.i.p. treatment from turkish airlines. the team arrives in sti. he says it's a simple message.
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>> afghanistan is a good country. >> it's rallying behind it's own boys. >> you can countdown tolt academy awards. >> we'll give you best access with a dozen cameras streaming video from behind the scenes own tv show there. abc 7 hosting on our facebook page. like us on facebook then hang out with fans to post your opinions on all of the fashion flops, wins and snubs and surprises rsvp today. >> still ahead a twist in the murder case against olympic sprinter oscar pistorious. >> robbers target people stuck
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president obama and congressional democrats trying to get sup lick support for putting off so called seek
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quest traigs. kest traigs. don't seem to be getting much traction. mark math use joins with us the latest polling results. >> for the latest following numbers, it's a pretty mixed bag. >> seek quest traigs means what it means to the american people is unemployment. >> instead of automatic cuts we're looking at nine days from now that will have an impact on everything from head start to military readiness. >> in an interview with dan ashley, and standing in front of members of the military. >> if congress allows this meat cleaver approach to take place it will jeopardize our military readiness. >> the spokesman says congressional republicans oulgt to listen to american people. >> here what american people are saying which is please -- compromise, please,
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be reasonable. >> at san francisco airport we heard something different. >> cuts will be effective and put us into a better place. >> about half of the people shrugged over cuts. other half said they opposed them but felt they're in the minority. >> i think most people have not a clue. >> our survey was a couple dozen people but the pew research center and usa today interviewed 1500 and l the poll swhoz congress ugt to delay cuts, 40% of americans said no. let it happen. >> in that interview you heard mentioned impact of the mill taerk same message on tuesday with members standing behind him. thinking is that going after that message is the best way to pressure republicans but is it working? that is the story we're working on for abc 7 news at 6:00.
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>> police in peru are cracking down on a band of thieves known as coyotes. they lie in wait, ready to pounce on passengers usually in taxi and stuck in traffic. in january, they got a way with $4500. agents launched an under cover operation and caught nearly all suspects between 18-23. >> unbelievable. so brazen. bail hearing for olympic sprinter oscar pistorious took a twist today, the lead gailtor is off the case. he is charged with murdering his girlfriend on valentine's day. >> damaging details revealed during third day of the bail qas. the focus was on this man, lead police detective. the detective faces seven charges of attempted murder stemming from a 2011 incident
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skpe. two other police officers were accused of opening fire on a minivan carrying several people. south african police said there will be a new chief investigator on the case. he had been the key witness telling the magistrate the paraolympic champion accused of killing his girlfriend is a flight fris right after this skpk should not be granted bail. this twist came just hours after the muddled testimony on wednesday. in court, he argued he was closing his doors when he heard a noise from the bathroom. fearing an intruder with, out his legs he told the court he grabbed a gun and fired through the closed bathroom door but prosecutors sthai is implausible that the gun holster was under the side of the bed where she slept and the stories would have seemed she wasn't there. the nork daily news has this photo of what they say pistorious kept on the night
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stand. keys, a tv remote, watch, and a handgun. the photo taken during a photo shoot for paris match magazine. today, pistorious and his family feeling more relaxed and feeling more confident after this big blow to the prosecution's case. a major spons yorks nike announced it's terminating it's contract with pistorious. >> a federal grand injury indicted four people in the 2009 salmonela outbreak linked to a georgia peanut processing plant. government officials say the four are accused of fabricating quality assurance labels and misleading investigators. the company's filthy plants were blamed for the outbreak that killed nine people, sickening hundreds more. the company later went bankrupt. >> it turns out the flu
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vaccine is not a big help for senior citizens. health officials say the vaccine is only 9% effective in protecting seniors against the common, dangerous flu bug. the effectiveness only a moderate 56% for all age groups, experts say the results are disappointing and high lied light the need for a better vaccine. officials emphasize some protection is better than none. >> coming up next, safety date. one boy's invitation to his bar mitzvah. >> a weather man wanting adventure, spencer. >> yes. >> gets more than bargained for. what happened on live tv. >> skipping add convenient turks settling for this, a nice view from our camera looking towards sutro tower, mainly clear skies. i'll have the forecast coming up. >> taking a look at traffic right now on the mcarthur maze it's heavy. these cars try to make their way out of oakland here,
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headlights making their way east on 80. stay with us. abc 7 n
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weather man in australia looking for adventure and got more than bargained for curing a live broadcast. >> he took a ride with a stunt pilot tuesday morning deciding he wanted to see what eight 8 -- 8 g's felt like. >> he never made it. you can see here, he passed
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econds94 snow, rain, thunderstorms along atlantic coast into the
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gulf coast. northwest. , rain arriving around eureka. a cold front sweeps into the northern part of the state. mild and mid-60s in chico, fresno. upper 50s to almost 60s on the coast in monterey. 68 degrees down in los angeles. here in the bay area after a chilly morning start like today, we'll get sunshine in the afternoon, mild conditions and high temperatures beginning to climb into highs 65 in fairfield. 66 down in santa cruz. a cool 56 in half moon bay. getting into next week we're going see high temperatures up to almost 70 degrees so more mild weather coming our way.. >> did you ever done blue angels sning. >> no. no. i just like to watch it. >> you? >> very not. no desire to.
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you? >> three cowards on live television. >> yes. tough stuff. >> bar mitzvahs all about tradition, one atlanta boy didn't go the traditional route when sending out invitations. ♪ [ music ] . >> how cute. >> soon to be 13-year-old daniel blooman playing off welcome to atlanta music video. he wrote learics with help from mom. the video includes cameo from the former nba greats shaquille o'neal and charles barkley. >> he turns 13 on may 10th. the bar mitzvah is the next day. >> his street cred is skyrocketing. >> well done. >> a father makes a duet with
4:40 pm
his daughter, google shows us how it feels when you wear their new glasses. >> another look at today's hottest videos online, first up google released thisqk9j clp shot with wearable technology, google glass. >> google said they're ready to make the first glasses available to the public. just press month more about 50 words. if you're chosen and willing to pay, you know, $1500 google glass is all yours. pretty good deal. up next, dad jesse peters and his daughter took over redit this morning with the cover of the song.
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>> that was written in 1968 only becoming well known after muppets performed it on "the muppet show". good luck getting it out of your head for the rest of the day. see you next time, bay area. >> thank you. >> up next, the cause that has the first lady's michelle obama and big bird teeming up. >> how this man's job is helping save lives of children. >> apple's voice recognition feature is popular but what i℠eh your phone doesn't have it? we team up to test out
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checking healthy living news, americans eating less fast food than they used to. a study veals us aus dults get more than 11% of calories from fast food. that is higher than recommended but down from nearly 13% reported just years ago. seniors on the low side getting about 6% from burgers and fries. african american adults tond eat the most fast food. calorie counts down among american children as well. national examination survey
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shows calorie intake for boys dropped 158 caloriesb+ñ per day over a 10-year span. girls dropping about 76 calories. the survey says they're receiving calories from protein and fewer from carbohydrates. officials say obesity rates have leveled off in recent years we're here fwhit house kitchen looking for a healthy snack. >> it's a big job. so michelle obama teeming up with big bird to help fight childhood obesity. the coincides with the tour for the third anniversary of her let's move campaign. >> this is a terrific story. a hospital is marking an unlikely milestone by a truly extraordinary man. >> i work and this is how it works. just. >> he has been shining shoes at children's hospital of
4:46 pm
pittsburgh 32 years in that time, every tip received is donated to the free care fund. >> started working at the hospital in 1981. this week he will pass the $200,000 mark in donation autos wow. >> just his heart. the size of his heart is tremendous. >> amazing. one person can do so much. how often do you find people that nice? i mean really, that nice? >> he's a pure, good person. it's -- nothing but good in this man. >> everybody at the hospital just marvels at the generosity of a simple man shining shoes since 1957. low-key, soft spoken man admits it's good to be a hero. >> $200,000. >> helps big time. >> it is. >> apple's siricv+á voice
4:47 pm
recognition getting fierce competition. >> yes. authorities partner wind advisories 7 on your side to test apps that are similar to siri. i'm wondering if there is go to be a counter part named ivan. will not help you! ask another question! >> sismt ri ushered in a new era in smart phone teching n no -- technology. so, let's take a look and see how some leading apps are stacking up. >>i.2÷ siri where is the latest atm? >> tyler loves siri. >> i ask where is the nearest coffee shop? convenient. >> consumer reports says top examples are robin and speak to it. you can down load them for free. >> speak to it is available on several platforms, robin is
4:48 pm
for the android. >> but do well with some requests. >> navigate home. >> absolutely. looking for directions to home. >> show me pictures of the eiffel tower. >> but both struggle with other questions. >> how much is three plus six? >> let's google for how much is three plus six. >> set up a feet meeting with amber at 6:00. >> i don't think i'm qualified to answer that yet. >> siri, on the other hand has no problem with similar requests. >> i'll scheduled your event for 4:30 p.m. tomorrow. >> kit add, bottom line, siri remains voice recognition standout. >> it's hard wired to your iphone and has access to your personal information. that is an edge no other app can compete with yet. >> where is the nearest coffee
4:49 pm
shop autos i found 14 coffee shops, five of them are fairly close to you. >> if you zront an iphone with siri, consumer reports says down loading gives some voice recognition capability. now, speak to it seems to be one of the best work on both iphone and an droid. >> numb next some local students have quite the demo reel to show off. >> hi there. coming up at 5:00 just back from my interview with the president i'll introduce to you bay area natives now working there for the president. also... >> in san jose a story with a car salesman turned lottery car salesman turned lottery winninsosoe ent ilyel y s luloonge iuronirplin ocdiou
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r om
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academy awards are sunday and among those we'll be watching are a group of students in academy of arts university. >> they played a pivotal role hs >>@váñ before making it to the g screen a small group works on it for months. >> you don't know how big it's going to be. you love what you do. >> what they did is help prekree yait affects for the drama. set in the louisiana bayou. he pains takingly enhanced look and feel of a levy explosion. >> there is added debris it
4:54 pm
was made under $2 million so' approached academy of arts university. stude>lv volunteer dz most of the post production affects including a key scene, a stampeding pig like creatures. the instructor says the class brought heart and passion to the project. >> it's a great story. i felt like what we're doing was integrated and helped tell the story. in our own little way. >> this is where the magic happens. , 31 students contributed to the blockbuster. they're in contact with the director joining him and young star during a preview at sky walker ranch. >> if it linkers it's like wow, i can't believe i was part of
4:55 pm
what made it up there. >> they have credits to prove it and a resume amazing as the movie. >> producers are revealing more details and teeming for a special closing musical performance happen being right after best picture award. saying it will be a cannot miss moment. coverage begins at on the red carpet. you can see the lig bigg show begin agent 5:30. >> then, we'll have a recap of the biggest moments and your pass to after parties with otrc at the oscar autos thanks for joining us for abc 7 news
4:56 pm
at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> bay bridge construction, interrupted by a crane collapse. will this delay the new span's open something. >> and sharing with you the tour i got after my one on one interview with the president. and a staff member talks about her greatest moments at the white house. >> i'm sandhya patel. live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center, you may be dodging drops soon. i'll have a look at the weekend forecast coming up. >> sky 7 hd sont scene ofzo"z te twisted mess this has left on the new area of the bay bridge.
4:57 pm
>> the crane toppled and kinld of fell on to the barge holding it just short of landing in the water. >> when you see the wreckage, it'snt6÷ amazing no one was hur. abc 7 news is live from treasure island. have you a good view of what happened there? >> we did until just minutes ago. there up into the ridge. one just got pushed out of site. this afternoon a temporary support, structure was holding up the bridge until wait waet was transferred to cable asks a piece was involved in this accident today.
4:58 pm
from it's vantage point, sky 7 can see how the crane was sitting on a barge with the neck crash add cross the water. caltrans says it was removing a section when the accident happened. roger ladwig was on the phone in his office when a loud noise caught his attention. >> it just kept going. the crane was gone. the scaffolding just falling over, just fell off the bridge, on to the barge. >> dave says members of yacht clubs raced over on their boats to help. thinking that someone mau be hurt. >> skies were here. they got into their boats immediately like in 30 seconds. nobody seemed to be hurt.
4:59 pm
so they came back. >> caltrans says someone must have been in the cab. >> my heart got -- was racing a little bit. i thought someone was going to get hurt. >> caltrans says it should not delay the bridge opening. >> process has been set back at least this afternoon and perhaps, longer. that is a month-long project. >> back when the original bay bridge was build the accepted formula waswóm
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